Fashion Buttons service is based on giving our clients the best in quality, delivery and competitive pricing.

Design Service
We have a great design service to enhance or create artwork for your labels, swing tickets, bags, promotional materials or whatever you need!

Covered Buttons
We can cover buttons in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Our buttons come in a large range of materials and finishes:

  • Half Ball
  • Two Eyelet
  • Flat
  • Tulip
  • Ring Edge
  • Tulip with Eyelets
  • Sew Through
  • Square and Oval

Button Dyeing Service
Buttons can be dyed to match any colour swatch. Samples are available upon request.

Engraved Buttons
Engraving your logo on buttons is an effective way to brand your clothing.

Our team strives to give our customers the quickest turnaround and most reliable freight services.